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Key Features

Handmade 100% Natural Soy Bean Wax

Low Temperature Burn

Convenient Pour Spout



All Natural and Nourishing Ingredients

This handmade massage candle has a rich ultra moisturizing formula packed with organic ingredients that nourish your skin. Such as jojoba oil to moisturize and help remove blackheads. Sweet almond oil to nourish and soften skin as well as relieve muscle pain. Beeswax for wound recovery and is rich in vitamin A. And finally there is milk wood fruit fat for anti aging and sunscreen.


This candle is not only good for your skin, It’s also amazing for foreplay and intimacy. Light and let the wick burn until a warm pool of oil forms, typically in 15-20 min. Extinguish the flame and use the convenient spout to pour the nourishing oil as you massage with slow even strokes, taking your lover on an unforgettable romantic journey.

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Smell: Lavender

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Milk Wood Fruit Fat, Soybeans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amelia Barret
Smells good

Nice earthy smell with the soybeans

Graham J.

Smells pretty good, and it’s a nice smooth oil from the melt

Ash Sharmaa
Soothing Feel

Very soothing feel, the warmth of the wax really adds that extra relief

Tia P

It soothing and definitely adds spice to the mood 😜 but just careful not to burn yourself like my boyfriend did

Don't Forget Lubricant