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The Best Beginner Sex Toys

There are so many different types of sex toys and endless pages of kinks nowadays, it makes it hard to know where to even start if you are a beginner. If you have never even owned a sex toy, but you want to explore your body more like so many others, then this is the place for you. 

Beginner Sex Toys For Women:

A vibrator is an essential for women these days, and we have a wide variety of vibrators, but for a beginner like yourself we recommend Samira. Our bullet vibrator Samira is quiet, small, reliable, easy to use, and even easier to hide. It is a perfect vibrator for a beginner and only costs $13 if you use code NRN15 for 15% off! 

We also recommend our classic NRN Specialties Wand if you want something with more speed, power, and a heavier feel. You can never go wrong with a wand! If you are interested in dual stimulation we recommend Lacie, our rabbit vibrator. Lacie is a bit more experienced, but she doesn’t bite. If you want to just jump right in and get as much action as possible, she’s your girl. Lacie not only stimulates the clitoris with her bunny ears but also digs in deep to hit your g spot for a dual stimulated leg shaking orgasm! And finally, if you are interested in oral stimulating pleasure we recommend Endora our air pulse vibrator. Endora is technically a vibrator but gives off new and different vibes than others. Her gentle pulses of air simulate oral sex except more intense, and you're the one in control!

Beginner Sex Toys For Men:

Masturbation is normal and healthy for men. It relieves stress, tension, and keeps your parts in working condition. For beginners and all men we recommend our best designed fleshlight masturbator, Jasmine. She has a lifelike feeling, easy to clean, and a sleek black case that is discreet and easy to store or hide. She is reliable and won’t let you down. If you are looking for a penis pump we do offer more high tech options like Tidal and Leon. But for beginners we recommend the Classic Penis Pump. The classic pump gives you more control with manual pumps and measuring lines on the case so you can measure your growth!

Beginner Sex Toys For Partners:

Exploring your partner's body and trying new things is key to keeping things spicy. Which is why we have a few toys to get you both started on the journey. First off we recommend our Couples Enhancer Vibrating Cock Ring. This is a dual stimulation cock ring that’s vibrations travel down the shaft and the balls stimulating the man while also stimulating the women’s clitoris through it’s bunny ears. Both partners get a taste of the vibes.. The second recommendation is not technically a toy, but a simple addition for deep penetration. Our Sex Pillow is shaped to go under your partners hips, propping up their ass. A simple design to take your partner to pound town. In our personal opinion every couple should at least have a designated sex pillow. Lastly if you and your partner are looking to have some fun and excitement, we recommend our Sexy Secrets Panty Vibrator. With this toy you and your partner can add excitement and thrill to any occasion. Simply put the vibrator in your panties and hand the remote to your partner. Next thing you know you're having an orgasm while you're mopping the kitchen!

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