May 03, 2024

Celebrating Masturbation May

Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of our sexuality. Masturbation allows you to make time for yourself to explore your body, it reduces stre...

Celebrating Masturbation May - NRN Specialties

Celebrating The NRN Way

Cum celebrate Masturbation May with us at NRN Specialties! In honor of Masturbation May we have the entire store up to 50% off, so that you can pick out a new toy for the right price to celebrate.

What is Masturbation May and why do we celebrate it?

Masturbation May was started as just one day called international masturbation day. The first celebration was May 7th, 1995. 29 years ago! It was founded in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired by President Bill Clinton in 1994 for suggesting that schools add masturbation into the sex ed curriculum. The day was dedicated to celebrating the right to masturbate! Because of its importance, it has since been expanded to the entire month of May.

Why is Masturbation Important?

According to Dr Raegan McDonald-Mosley a Chief Medical Officer “Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of sexuality. It can enhance our physical, mental, and sexual health and the health of our sexual relationships. Learning about what feels good to you can help increase sexual pleasure with sex partners. And when you know what you like and are comfortable with your body, your satisfaction with sex increases.”

Masturbation allows you to make time for yourself, reduce stress, learn about your body, and improves your sexual health. And it allows you to do all of this with no risk of pregnancy or STDs.

Breaking The Stigma

7 out of 10 adult men and 5 out of 10 adult women masturbate. Ranging from every day to occasionally, and some people never masturbate. No matter what, all the above are healthy and normal. Those who hear negative talk about masturbation when they are young carry feelings of shame even as adults., and some people believe that only single people masturbate. It simply is not true though in fact people in relationships are more likely to masturbate than people that are single. And once again for those in the back, masturbation is normal, healthy, and not shameful. If you need that release or want to explore your body, do it!

And coming from a sexual wellness company, using a vibrator or sex toy can add a lot more adventure and fun to exploring your body or your partners.

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